The solution is to use ALL of the tools available to us: NDE, Risk Based Methodology, Management of Change (MOC), Integrity Operating Windows (IOW), Corrosion Control Docs(CCD’s).  The real question is how?

The Impact Integrity Inspection and Reliability Effectiveness Training Curriculum instructs you to be a master applicator of each one of these disciplines. More importantly, it empowers you to work and lead others in bringing meaningful and lasting change to the SAFETY, PROFITABILITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT of your organization and in the process enhance your career.


  1. We deliver the course in an engaging on-line environment in small 90 minute doses over multiple weeks.  This is not a cram session.
  2. By giving you weekly problems and inquiries to apply in your jobs so you deeply understand what is being taught and the benefits of the course are immediate.
  3. By teaching the root of each topic so that when you go to take an test (API 580, 579, etc) you do not need to cram.  You will pass the test.  Guaranteed
  4. Providing a certification and ability for you to gain practical experience that enables you to contribute at work immediately.
  5. By expanding your confidence.  With real knowledge and experience comes confidence.  Confidence to question, confidence to understand the answers and confident to challenge the answers.  Confidence to make change.
  6. By solving real world challenges using the tools of the course: Risk Based Inspection (RBI), Integrity Operating Window (IOW), Management of Change (MOC)
  7. By creating a personal playground of challenging Status Quo. You will be empowered to creatively impact the industry through the work you do….
  8. Discipline and Commitment. Without discipline you have hope and luck.  We teach you how to take a take a disciplined approach.  This takes commitment and all good things come from commitment or luck.  Cho0se commitment and make your own luck.


  • Reduction of expenditure of time and money on low risk, time based inspections.  Confidently USE and INSTALL Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and  reliability programs
  • Distinguish yourself as a TRUE subject matter expert – Pass API 580 with ease
  • Halt the erosion of earning power and increase your earning potential. Income cannot exceed  personal development
  • End resignation. Cause change and make a DIFFERENCE in the plant culture, safety, reliability and profitability
  • Use inspection to make plants safer and reliable, not just catch problems.
  • Why do RBI’s Fail?  Communication!  Alter culture and install an effective Management of Change (MOC)

Why do we fail?  We lose focus.  Putting out fires?  Learn what to focus on and how to stay focused.


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