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So many professionals in the petrochemical and power industry find themselves limited in the earning potential, their career growth and more than anything their ability to make a REAL difference in the reliability, profitability and safety of the facilities that that they work in.  Often our clients come to us “stuck.” They want to make more money, they want to get involved in more interesting work and they want to make and impact for the organizations that they work for, but the path forward is blocked in some way.

We understand that and everything that we do is designed to give our clients the ability to get what they want out of their careers, more money, more interesting and engaging work and the ability to make meaningful change in safety, profitability and sustainability of the plants and facilities you work for. We do this through education that is unlike anything else available anywhere. This education delivers knowledge and understanding of very challenging and important topics. And when you have knowledge and understanding you can use it and apply it and make meaningful and important change that benefits you and your professional ability and the organizations you work for by being more profitable and safer.

Meet Kelly

Director of Content Development and Delivery

Kelly Caillier is a Degreed and Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE) with Twenty-Two years of experience in the Asset Integrity/Reliability fields related to both Dynamic and Static Assets. Eleven (11) years were spent in a Director significant or higher responsibility role focused on implementation, development, managing, training, and designing/maintaining dynamic and static equipment integrity programs in four (4) countries. (United States, Canada, Mexico, South America).

Further, Kelly focuses on developing and implementing Risk Management, RCM, PdM, and Lean systems into both static and dynamic entities. Kelly developed a patent pending system called Reliability Moderneering, which raises the level of inspection program effectiveness and accomplishes the Zero Effect (zero downtime, zero safety incidents, zero environmental releases due to integrity).

Kelly Caillier

Kelly's Story

Early in my career, on a normal day in a refinery, I witnessed the single most life-changing event that rocked my professional world. I witnessed a gentleman -- father of two boys, devoted husband, and a coach -- have his face brutally disfigured and die instantly in an accident. The root cause was a bull plug on a chemical injection system which had internally corroded threads and was therefore unable to withstand the pressure of the system. The root cause analysis dictated that this accident could and should have been avoided.

The world lost a good man, husband, and father that day, one who simply looked forward to coaching his kid's T‐Ball team and riding his motorcycle home to his wife. After that day, I would never be the same. I decided I had to make a difference and I WAS GOING to make a difference, which led me to this present journey with IMPACT INTEGRITY.

The Impact Learning Model creates confident voices which allow change to occur and cultures to shift. Let’s make a difference together and save the life of the next son, daughter, father, mother, grandfather, and  grandmother. We can do it. -- Kelly Caillier, Director of Content Development and Delivery

The difference

Why Impact Integrity?


Typical Retention

Research shows that most students retain only 10 percent of what they study after just a few days in typical learning settings


Potential Retention

By using reinforcement and other techniques, retention could reach as high as 90 percent even after several weeks, which makes all the difference in your career

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