43% of failures in oil and gas industry are mechanical integrity related failures (inspection effectiveness, CML locations, technology, MOC) and even higher in refining and 57% are due to non mechanical integrity related (management systems, operations, practices and procedures).  Prior to Impact Integrity Inspection and Reliability Effectiveness Curriculum there has never been a way to positively impact all of this holistically.

Time based maintenance practices and NDE methods like API 510, 570, 653 and Risk Based Inspection (API 580) have gained a lot of ground since their introduction in the mid 1990’s and have greatly improved plant and infrastructure reliability and safety.

However, we are still experiencing significant failures.  Current application of time-based maintenance and Risk Based inspection have proven insufficient to provide the safety and reliability needed given age and the complex nature of our the plants and oil field infrastructure.

The solution lies in making ourselves more effective in what we see, how we communicate, the best practices we employ and the culture we create.  Impact Integrity training delivers all of this.